Basketball Wives: The New Mean Girls

30 Dec

When I was in high school I believed that as soon as I graduated the world and the people I encountered would change. I thought high school and the way my fellow classmates acted was nothing more than a phase. I was under the impression that leaving high school automatically turned bitchy teenagers into mature adults. This season of VH1’s Basketball Wives proves how incredibly wrong I was.

Contrary to its title, Basketball Wives does not follow the wives of NBA stars. With the exception of Jennifer (wife of Eric Williams), the show’s main characters are ex-wives, ex-girlfriends, & ex-fiancees whose only connection to the league is each other. However, that’s not my problem with the show.

My problem with this season is that these grown women are acting more immature than my 14-year-old sister and her group of friend’s. It’s like watching a middle age version of the Plastics.

Shaunie O’Neal (Shaquille O’Neal’s ex-wife) is clearly the Regina George of the group. As executive producer of the show she’s the leader of the pack both on and off camera. She brings women into “the circle/group” similar to the way Regina invites someone to eat lunch with the plastics. She doesn’t do it often and you should consider it an honor. Shaunie is the most famous of the basketball wives and has no problem playing the queen bee role. Her biography on VH1 says “Shaunie is Queen Bee to the rest of the wives, who swarm to her for advice and guidance.” Seriously. I can’t even make that up. I hear she even makes the girls wear pink on Wednesdays. I liked her last season. I thought she was independent, mature,and a great role model. It’s sad to see her resort to such childish levels when it comes to Gloria.

According to her VH1 biography her name is “Jennifer ‘Red Carpet’ Williams”.

Jennifer “Red Carpet” Williams.

Red Carpet.

Do people actually call her that?

It goes on to say that Red Carpet is no stranger to the high life because she grew up in New Jersey.

High life. New Jersey. High Life. New Jersey. The native New Yorker in me cannot see the correlation.

She also is a “wildly successful business owner of the upscale women’s work out company Flirty Girl Fitness.” I’m sure you’re familiar with Flirty Girl Fitness. They sell stripper poles & DVDs for $19.95 to middle age women who want to lose weight. Upscale. I also heard that the upscale & wildly successful Red Carpet has ESPN and a fifth sense.

I wish Red Carpet was as entertaining on the show as she is in her biography. Similar to her upscale high life neighbors Ronnie & Sam on Jersey Shore, Jennifer’s storyline revolves around her complicated relationship with Eric. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to revolve around much else.

I’m not heartless. Jennifer seems like a lovely woman with a good heart & I wish her the best in her marriage. However, I don’t want to watch her complain about the same things every week or blindly follow whatever Evelyn or Shaunie is doing that week.

I know there can only be one HBIC, but if Shaunie did not exist Evelyn would definitely be the queen bee. She’s just as outspoken and confrontational as Shaunie. Her hatred for Gloria knows no bounds. Similar to her best friend Red Carpet, it is painfully obvious that Evelyn either wrote her own biography or should fire whoever did.

Poor Royce. The first season was rough for her. None of the other mean girls liked her. They judged her and said nasty things about her without really knowing her. What a difference a season makes. It seems Royce has found the acceptance she longed for last season. She’s now a bona fide mean girl. She’s ganging up with the girls to plan surprise attacks to confront Gloria. I wouldn’t be surprised if she has mastered the 3-way sneak attack phone call too.

Suzie’s a wild card. Season 2 began with her being kicked out of the Plastics. Only time will tell if she’ll be let back in.

Similar to Janice Ian, Gloria used to be a member of the group/circle. Depending on who you ask she was either kicked out or willingly left. Either way she has no problem badmouthing her former friends & has even befriended another former member (Suzie).

As entertaining as it is to compare these women to the teenagers depicted in Mean Girls it is sad that they relate to the characters so much. The first season of Basketball Wives was successful because (for the most part) it showed grown women dealing with adult issues. So far the second season has turned into people fighting because of some he said she said nonsense. I hope this wasn’t Shaunie’s vision when she originally started the show. Yes, everyone wants to see a fight every once in a while. Yes, there needs to be drama to keep people entertained, but this is stupid. I can only hope that the show takes a different turn as the season progresses.


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